Dining out while sticking to a healthy diet

We would all love to forget our daily constraints concerning our menu selections when visiting our restaurant of choice, but if you are a frequent diner the calories and fat grams could lead to an undesirable silhouette and possibly clogged arteries. It sometimes feels like we are forced to navigate through a mine field of high fat, high calorie, and overly salty choices. I may have a far more restrictive diet than the average person, but I really wish some chefs would give their menus a healthy but yet flavorful theme. With all of the dietary restrictions in society I have some sympathy for the chefs of the world, but it would be refreshing to see some of the best chefs consider the overall health consequences when designing their culinary creations.

Here at the Bistro 41 we are placing some emphasis on healthy alternatives while doing our best to modify menu items to help our guests avoid the guilt of straying away from a specific diet. Our chefs are utilizing different “superfoods” such as cauliflower, quinoa, spinach, ginger and kale to enrich our dishes with nutrients while still producing mouthwatering creations. We can grill meats, poultry, seafood or vegetables over a wood fired grill to avoid the unnecessary calories while giving the product an amazing smoked flavor. Our menu is labeled with gluten free choices, dairy free choices, and vegetarian choices and we even offer gluten free pastas and desserts. Our goal is to help diners with specific diets and to be a sanctuary for the diner who wants to eat out three times a week but doesn’t want to buy a new wardrobe every month.

David Long/ General Manager