Dinah’s Top Five White Wines for Summer

Summer can be excruciating in Florida with the overwhelming heat and humidity, but below are five great white wines to help ease the pain (and they’re inexpensive to boot):

  1. First, Bubbles!! 2007 Argyle Brut from the Willamette Valley, Oregon. Rollin Soles, the winemaker, only makes vintage designate wines, rather than non-vintage blends. Perfect for enjoying on your lanai with friends, this wine has a biscuity nose with apples and citrus on the palate with nice delicate bubbles. Argyle also produces a Brut Rosé definitely worth trying.
  2. Dry Rosé! Robert Oatley makes a delightful Rosé of Sangiovese from Australia. This wine is delicious with both the wonderful lightness and acidity of white wine and the strawberry fruits of red wine. And it’s dry!
  3. Patio Pounding Pinot Grigio! The Seghesio Pinot Grigio from the Russian River Valley in Sonoma has a floral and citrus nose with lime and a refreshing acidity on the palate. The finish goes on for days!
  4. Best Bottle with Best Contents! Berger makes a Grüner Veltliner from Austria that comes in a 1.0 liter bottle (rather than the 750ml bottles that most wines come in). This bottle looks like a giant beer bottle topped with a beer cap top and makes a great hostess gift. What’s more astounding is what is inside- a very clean, crisp wine with apples, a little bit of grapefruit, almonds and a beautiful minerality.
  5. Surprise Wine That You’d Never Buy! This category goes to the Standing Stone Chardonnay from the Finger Lakes region of New York. Gotcha! This wine has an incredibly fragrant nose of banana, coconut and marzipan followed by lemon, eucalyptus and oak on the palate with a smooth, nice long finish. Delicious!

Did I miss a favorite wine of yours? Let us know at Bistro41 [at] Eartlink.net!